The Ineffable

3. Forlane

The Forlane is a tribute to the role women played in the war. The lively rhythm in the music mirrors the enthusiasm of the women depicted in the film: they are the protagonists of the home front where they engaged in a professional emancipation never seen before. In contrast to the verve of the music and the film, however, the strange harmonies of the Forlane suggest a certain emotional chiaroscuro: these women were unaware of whether their loved ones had died or survived in battle. Regardless, they assumed the responsibility of responding to the needs of the weapon industry and other infrastructures to keep the country running. After the war ended, most of them were displaced back to their pre-war roles, and their work passed largely unnoticed. The quote which appears here is from Vera Britain’s Testament of Youth, and reflects her feelings on this matter after she returned from the front.