This is a self-produced project, published by myself with almost no technical knowledge; using exclusively free software, public domain material, and a Yamaha C2 grand piano. The book is printed on ecologically responsible paper made from sugarcane and Venetian Shiro Seaweed.

I want to dedicate this publication: to my parents and partner for their unconditional support; to my sibling Aramo Olaya for generously sharing projects, experiences, inquisitions, and for encouraging me to provide a loudspeaker for the marginal voices of the past; to my most influential piano teachers—Viktor Affanasiev, Tsiala Kavernadze, Ian Hobson, and Rosella Clini; to the extraordinary inspiration derived from both the critical thinking of Thomas Turino and the musicological insights of William Kinderman.

I also want to thank: John Falcone helping with the English translation of this text; Alexis Puente Montiel for proofreading the Spanish text and for manning the video projector during the recital performances; Cuatro Notes Didáctica Musical for the loan of microphones; Oliva Blanco Corujo and Alfonso González-Calero for encouraging me to publish this DVD; the remarkable pianist Josep Colom for his comments and advice regarding some of the works—advice which proved to reveal his ingenuity as well as the genius inherent in the music; venues such as the Evaristo Valle Museum and the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao for accommodating this project; and all the Free Software projects that made the materialization of this DVD possible.

My wish is for us to make this a better world with less suffering and more respect for all living beings!